Shrouded in Fog: September Days and Blogging 101

Taken at Graveyard Fields last September, this picture reflects my current feelings about Blogging 101.

Taken at Graveyard Fields last September, this picture reflects my current feelings about Blogging 101.

After a day spent tweaking my blog’s title, theme, and previous posts, I am beginning to think that perhaps I ought not to have taken up the gauntlet.  (Don’t ask how well I supervised my fourth grader’s schoolwork today.) Glancing at the posts in the Blogging 101 Commons, I would guess that the theme troubles are just beginning: as soon as one area is improved, another goes downhill. In my case, I am not enamored of “Big Brother”‘s font, but my title is showing up better.

Even Blogging 101’s third assignment–saying “Hi” to other bloggers–wasn’t easy for this introvert. NONE of my Facebook friends are blogging on, or else they avoided connecting their Facebook accounts. Now I can’t find a way to disconnect my Facebook account from I avoid giving access to my Facebook profile and list of friends, but, in my quest for like-minded bloggers, I agreed to the connection–from which no divorce now seems possible. Making new connections is the obvious solution, but that means stepping out into uncharted territory: “Beyond here, there be dragons.”

Ah, well, this photograph from last September reminds me that beauty may be hiding beneath the fog, just out of sight. As so often happens when we set out on a family hike–the “we” is reduced these days, down from seven to three or four–the weather was not ideal on that September afternoon.  It didn’t rain, but Graveyard Fields, a flat mountain valley in the Pisgah National Forest, was shrouded in fog. Hiking in fog is a surreal experience: you are surrounded by trees, shrubs, and mountains, yet you can see only a few feet ahead. Even on a sunny day, it is easy to get lost at Graveyard Fields, which has several trails that intersect with back-country camping sites; on a foggy day, I would not recommend going it alone.

On the other hand, there is a forced solitude, a necessary quiet, that descends with the fog. Cloudy weather typically reduces the number of hikers, which is a welcome change at a spot as busy as Graveyard Fields. On this particular day, taking the trail off to the left, we hiked quietly and carefully over the muddy ground and then on to the Upper Falls, which you can just glimpse in the top photograph.

P1050168 P1050169

P1050163As you can see, the clinging mists subdued even my spirited son. But I don’t regret our hike that day, even if we did walk more slowly and uncertainly because it was difficult to see where we were going.  There were glimpses of light through the trees, hints of vistas beneath the layer of fog. As the day wore on, the mists dissipated, and we could see the solid forms of rock and stream. In the same way, moments of understanding will surely come as I become more familiar with the technical terms of blogging. These difficult days of blogging confusion–these, too, shall pass.

That September day, the beginnings of fall were evident in the changing color of the leaves, in the crisp coolness of the air. I, too, am experiencing a season of change in my life, as yet another son has left for college this fall. There is beauty in this new season of life as well–more time for some things, even as the time for other things slips away.

18 thoughts on “Shrouded in Fog: September Days and Blogging 101

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  2. Hi Sandi, I’ve been enjoying exploring your blog. Lovely words and great photos that bring me back to the years I lived in America. I know what you mean about feeling a little overwhelmed by Blogging 101. Sometimes it feels like one step forward and two steps back. Still, I’m learning a lot — even if I don’t complete every assignment. (Far too lazy for that, I’m afraid.)


  3. What a lovely post. I too am feeling overwhelmed at times with the number of tasks and i have been blogging a while. I especially loved the line, “There is beauty in this new season of life as well–more time for some things, even as the time for other things slips away.” Beautifully written.

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  4. Keep your posts coming! Take heart; there is a way to “unfriend” Facebook–depending on how you originally began that connection. I have not started posting my Bogging 101 assignments there because I know how prominent they can be. If I remember correctly, you can go to the dashboard and find something called “sharing” and you should be able to disconnect from FB that way.

    Now for a funny story about a hike our daughter and her family took one year. Their daddy is a great tease, so as they traversed Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina, he decided to growl like a bear to get the kids to scream. He did it once, twice–but not the third time. The third growl was real.

    He initially ran the other direction as fast as he could until he thought of how fast his 8 year-old might run and he ran back to pick her up and “save” her. The others were older. He could not carry his twins with the youngest, so they ran on their own. Their mother, two teen girls and the twins ran as fast as they could back to the van and were safe. Not all camping trips are serene and secure as we would like them to be. 😉

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    • Thanks for the encouragement, Beth. Your tips enabled me to finally find the “Sharing” settings, and it looks as if I’m not connected there, after all–which is good. Usually, even after I post, I like to keep editing. I’m one of those writers who has to keep pruning away because of wordiness.

      Loved the story about your son-in-law and the bear!


      • I may be mistaken, but I believe that your pruning and reworking the posts will not affect FB readers. Those who read it when it first comes out will only know what it was. Those who click later will get the revisions. The link will be the same no matter how many times you revise. However, if you suddenly decide to delete a post, people will get one of those 404 messages.

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  5. Lovely post. You really have changed the look of your blog! Good job. I love walking in woodland, in fog. I feel such peace, and it appeals to my introversion. This time of life is such a sea change; I’m feeling it too.

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    • Thanks, MK; fog always makes me think of Covenant–walking to class through the fog was also surreal, as I’m sure you remember. I wish I had more time to try out other themes, but it’s a busy time.


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