Capturing Beauty with My Camera?

A camera has become a “beauty essential” for me: if I see something beautiful, I photograph it.  But is my constant use of a camera hindering my appreciation of beauty?

What oft was thought

Twice lately I’ve encountered the disturbing implication that, because an incident wasn’t searchable on the internet or hadn’t been documented in a photograph, the incident had never occurred. I have decided not to share the details of the incidents, both of which I encountered via Facebook links. One link involved a rumor that I don’t wish to feed. The other link had to do with a crime; given the circumstances, the person searching for facts about the murder was understandably distressed that the incident had received little attention. What concerns me is the perception that reality can be determined by a Google search: if there are no results, it just didn’t happen?

To me, it seems absurd to infer that something didn’t happen simply because someone failed to document it. True, artifacts and written records give us valuable clues about the past; we would know little about ancient civilizations without…

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7 thoughts on “Capturing Beauty with My Camera?

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  4. For writers, photographers, and film-makers this is perhaps one of the hardest lessons to implement in life since we are always trying to “capture” and “document” the moments in our lives. Sometimes NOT doing so, however, makes the moment even more precious because it truly becomes as fleeting as it is meant to be.

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    • That’s an excellent point. I think some people (photographers, artists, film-makers, writers) have more of a natural bent towards documenting life or somehow trying to convey the feel or look of a moment in time. I managed to take a walk without my phone today (but I brought my camera).

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