Poetry Archives

The OverlookDuring college, I found poetry a very useful medium for self-expression and for imitation of the poets whose works I was studying. During my relatively brief blogging experience, I have found myself thinking about the poetry that I wrote as a student, partly as a result of a discussion that started on a comment thread. Twice now, old poems have come to mind as I wrote or planned blog posts, so I have decided to create this Poetry Archives page. You may either go to the poems from the drop-down menu under “Poetry Archives” beneath the blog’s header or click on the links to individual poems here.

Please respect my rights as an author. These poems, whatever their merits or lack thereof, belong to me and are herewith copyrighted as my property. If you wish to reproduce them or use them in any way, you must request my permission first. Thank you, Sandra Fleming


“An Apology for Music”

“Dwelling in His Shadow”


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