Theme Troubleshooting

In early October 2014, I switched to the theme Able, partly because it supported a Featured Image. I wrote about my switch from Big Brother to Able in a post. For most of October, I set the first image in my post as the Featured Image. In three posts, however, I set a Featured Image that was not the first image to appear in the post.

On October 29, 2014, I reblogged a post from my other site. When the Featured Image menu did not appear in the editing menu on the right sidebar, I assumed it was because it was a reblog. But when I couldn’t set a Featured Image the next day, I went to the Theme showcase and discovered — to my astonishment — that Featured Image no longer was listed as an aspect of Able.

On my iphone and on my husband’s Motorola, the Featured Images for my posts still show up in the Reader or if you’re scrolling through the blog, including the three posts that had a Featured Image other than the first photo in the post. Here is proof that I was able to feature images with Able: screenshots of the Reader view of Up a Road Slowly, The Liebster Award: Who Are the Bloggers in Your Neighborhood? and 3:10 to Lucca. If you click on the link for each post, you will see that the first image in the post is not the same as the image featured in the screenshot. Clearly, Able supported a Featured Image.

To quote “A Mighty Wind,” “Wha’ happened?”



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