A Mountain Greenery Home


“In a mountain greenery, Where God paints the scenery . . .” — “Mountain Greenery” lyrics by Lorenz Hart (Photo: iPhone 5s)

Like many mothers of my generation, I spend hours of my life on the road: driving my children to soccer practice, music lessons, dance class, and homeschool tutorials. This photo of a highway that I travel every day represents my home in western North Carolina better than a photo of my house. The fact that I snapped this picture with my daughter’s iPhone 5s as my husband drove us to church Sunday morning suggests that I tend to run late — otherwise, I would have had my phone and its invaluable built-in camera with me. I respond to beautiful sights by photographing them, which is why I borrowed someone else’s phone to capture the unusual sight of fall foliage against snow-capped mountains.

What is also apparent to an experienced photographer is how little I know about cameras. I’ve had my iPhone for less than a year, and I am more accustomed to taking pictures with my point-and-shoot Panasonic Lumix or the Nikon CoolPix L320 that I bought on Black Friday. In Photography 101, I hope to improve my skills, particularly my use of light and my understanding of composition. Maybe along the way I’ll learn what “aperture” and “ISO” mean?  For a tagline, I currently use the phrase “celebrating beauty in creation.” Better pictures of the beautiful places that I post about would help me show beauty to my readers.

Despite its imperfections, the highway photo hints at how lovely the Blue Ridge Mountains were this weekend, with the golds, oranges, reds, and greens of the trees frosted by an early touch of snow. Within a day, the snowman that my son and husband made had melted. Today, the trees look much as they did before the rare November snow, although more branches have shed their leaves. A long, cold winter is predicted for our area, but, for today, the road is clear, and the fading colors of autumn are still beautiful.


My backyard after the snow (iPhone 5s)


Coolpix L320


This is the first time I’ve seen snow on the leaves of a tulip poplar. (CoolPix L320)


7 thoughts on “A Mountain Greenery Home

  1. Wow! That’s quite the view for running errands. I’m a sucker for mountains. First time I saw any I was probably in my twenties. I live in a big(-ish) city on flat ground near a lake so I’m jealous. Sigh.

    Definitely take Photography 101 if you really want to but to my (admittedly untrained) eye, you don’t need to. The photos are lovely. Also, I’m beginning to see more and more that I should have gotten an iPhone rather than the android. No comparison when it comes to cameras.

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    • Thank you–yes, even the views from the Target/Best Buy/Lowe’s shopping area can be amazing. I am fortunate in where I wound up living. When the place is beautiful, it is not hard to take a picture. But–I feel very inadequate. The camera is the best feature on my iphone for sure.


  2. I love driving. I love getting lost in the picturesque view. You must have one good windshield to get such a clear picture.

    We saw snowflakes in the air the first part of October. If you blinked you missed it. I did. More often than not we have snow by now. Some years could even measure it by feet. I’ve heard that we are supposed to have a hard winter this year too but, idk, I just don’t think it’s going to happen. It has been a fairly wet and cool summer. I think it ran its course and we will have a mild winter.

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    • I don’t know how clear my windshield is, but it is big, because naturally I drive a mini-van 🙂 While snow makes for beautiful pictures, it also messes with schedules, so I hope the hard winter doesn’t come to pass.

      Standing in my kitchen making cupcakes (son’s bday), I realized we weren’t in the van when I took that picture. It was my husband’s Civic–hence it was clean!


  3. WOW I wondered if you were using a Rockies photo!! Call me ignorant but I wasn’t aware the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mtns got snow. I always think of North Carolina as southern enough to escape the cold and snow. i really need to travel more – at least in my own country!!

    We schlep our grandkids a lot to their activities. Because we don’t have DVD players in the car, and don’t play music while driving, we get some fun games (guess this whistle tune) and some great conversation. I hate the traffic, but cherish the close auarters with nothing but talk to entertain.

    Stay safe on your roads!

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    • It was very unusual to have snow this early in the year — the earliest on record since the 1950s.

      My mother-in-law has helped us with our driving a fair bit in the past, which was much appreciated. It’s better this year because my 16-year-old drives herself, but that is a source of anxiety, too. We listen to a lot of audiobooks and do geography drills as we drive. Everything seems to be 15 to 25 minutes from my house.


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